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Haleakala Eco Tours about usAt Haleakala Eco Tours, we value the opportunity to make a difference to each and every one of our customers, as well as give back to the places we visit.

By drawing from our 30 years of experience in sustainable tourism and knowledge of local, eco-friendly practices, we are able to provide travelers with an opportunity to support ecotourism in Hawaii, a way of exploring the world while preserving the environment for future generations, all while improving the well-being of the local community. Through this, we look forward to offering experiences that are as fascinating and valuable as they are enjoyable and exciting.

We value our role as an example of responsible travel in Maui and pledge to engage in tourism that conserves the environment and gives back in several ways, including minimizing our impact by using vehicles with modern low-emission gas technology, electromagnetic Telma Braking systems. We strive to improve environmental and cultural awareness, provide mutually beneficial experiences for customers and hosts, contribute direct financial benefits to local conservation efforts, empower the local population through unique opportunities, raise sensitivity and respect of local culture, and support international human rights and labor agreements.

As a commitment to these principles, a portion of the proceeds from every ecotour guest will go directly to leading conservation organizations in Hawaii, and we hire only informed guides with extensive knowledge of local culture and geography. All our guides are representatives of the Maui Clean Emissions Coalition and the Maui Association for Accurate Interpretation, joining us on each of our ecotours tours to explain our mission, answer questions and provide an additional perspective of our efforts.

Our  Mission

Haleakalā EcoTours is dedicated to the education of Maui visitors and residents through quality interpretative tour services that respect the native Hawaiian culture and protect the natural resources of Haleakalā.   We seek to share the Aloha Spirit with our guests as we welcome them to the place we are privileged to call home, Maui.

Ke Aloha, mai ko mākou hale i kā oukou (Aloha from our home to yours!)

haleakala national park authorized partner



Haleakalā EcoTours is officially authorized to provide guided vehicle tours and interpretive services within Haleakalā National Park.