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Hawaii Volcanoes

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70 million years ago, the surface of the Pacific split when its eponymous tectonic plate moved over a hot spot, thus producing a successive chain of islands over the northern stretch of the ocean.

Those islands ultimately became Hawaii—one of the remotest archipelagos on Earth and the recipient of more than 8.3 million visitors per year.

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Haleakala’s Geologic History

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Haleakala’s presence is impossible to miss.

As Maui’s loftiest peak, it soars 10,023 feet above sea level and holds the title as one of the world’s largest dormant volcano. Its crater alone is cavernous enough to cradle all of Manhattan Island. Comprising over 30,000 acres (more than three quarters of the island), its crater also received global acclaim for going down as the quietest place on the planet—a place that’s at the very threshold of human hearing.

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